Amber Solid Perfume

Amber Perfume
$3.50 each
Weight: 0.15 oz


Amber smells like it has a hint of vanilla and musk.  All natural perfume, made with simple ingredients.  Imagine being able to touch up your perfume without a cloud of perfume lingering in the air.  All of the various ingredients are rolled up into a handy, lip Balm tubes.  Put on a light scent of perfume without fogging the entire vehicle or room.  All scents are infused oil with various flowers or essential oils.  Perfume tubes are safe to put on your neck, wrists, or even your lips.  Use only simple natural ingredients like:

•             Shea butter

•             Beeswax

•             Sweet Almond Oil

•             Avocado Oil

•             Essential Oil

Granny’s Herbs provides all ingredients on each product description page.  The perfumes will last about a year if not left in heat and humidity as the raw ingredients will melt over 85 degrees.