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The White Easter Lily is a perennial and grows in Zones 4 – 9 in the United States, but is native to an set of islands in southern Japan. Easter Lily is part of the allium family, which includes onions, garlic, and aloe. The bulbs and flowers are utilized to make medicine. Extracts and essential oils are also used in a number of cosmetics, creams, lotions, and face washes.

Western folk medicine considers the white lily bulb a remedy for a wide variety of ailments like edema, tumors, burns, and tendonitis, but is mostly utilized for female issues such as:

  • Controls tension between sexuality and spirituality
  • Helps female reproductive system
  • Detoxifier of female organs
  • Help treat ovarian, breast, and skin cysts

To create an antiseptic spray, tear petals into small pieces and cover with alcohol, allow to sit for 2 weeks, strain out petals and store in a spray bottle. Spray on minor cuts and splinters.

If you plan to consume Easter lilies, check with an herbalist or your doctor for proper dose, treatment plan, and potential harmful


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