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Soap Making Process

Granny’s soaps are made with cold process, which allows the infusion of herbs in the soap.

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Which Scrubs is Best For Each Skin Type

Each scrub is designed for particular body parts, skin type, and skin issues.

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What is all the Hype about bath bombs

Bath bombs and rejuvenate, moisturize, and help heal body aches and pains..

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Natural Method of Dyeing Eggs

Before you purchase the Easter eggs dye kit, flip that pretty box over and take a look at the ingredients.  Surprising, huh?.
Safer Alternative

Chemical Free


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Uses for Easter Lilies

Western folk medicine considers the white lily bulb a remedy for a wide variety of ailments like edema, tumors, burns, and tendonitis, but is mostly utilized for female issues such as:.
Make Antiseptic Spray

Grows Zone 4-9


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Herbal Wine

Use regular wine and add herbs at a 1:5 ratio and let soak for 4 hours, strain out plant matter. Select from before or after dinner herbs.. or both .
Helps with Digestion



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How-To Make Bug Spray

Tinctures can be made with different solvent (called menstruum). Tinctures are the most common method for taking herbal medicine When making the tinctures, first select ….
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All Natural Solution

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Are you tired of all the manmade chemicals in your soap, skin care regiment products, hair care products, anti-aging products, etc.?  Granny’s Herb will teach you how to make organic/natural, handmade beauty products and soaps or if you don’t have the desire/time to make the products, you can purchase them from Granny.



Granny's Herbs

Adding a dash of herbs to your beauty products.


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